Application for Rental (Cosigner)


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**Resident, any member of the Resident's household, or a guest or other person under the resident's control shall not engage in criminal activity, including drug-related criminal activity, on or near property premises. "Drug related criminal activity" means the illegal manufacture, sale, distribute, or use of a Controlled Substance 21 U.S.C. 802.

                                                                                                                         Correct information

Applicant represents that all of the above statements are true and complete,and hereby authorizes verification of above information, references, and credit records. Applicant acknowledges that false information herein may constitute grounds for rejection of this application, termination of right of occupancy, and, or forteiture of deposits and may constitute a criminal offense under the laws of this state. Applicant agrees to the terms of the "Security Deposit Agreement" below.

                                                                                                                  Security Deposit Agreement

Applicant has deposited a "Security Deposit" (in the amount stated below) in consideration for owner's taking the dwelling unit off the market while considering approval of this application. If applicant is approved by management and the contemplated lease is entered into, the security deposit shall be credited. If applicant is approved, but fails to enter into the contemplated lease within (10) days  after the date of such applications the applicant's deposit shall be forfeited to management. The security deposit will be refunded only if applicant is not approved. Keys will be furnished only after contemplated lease and other rental documents have been properly executed by all parties and only after applicable rentals and security deposits have been paid. This application is preliminary only and does not obligate management to execute a lease or deliver possession of the proposed premises.


Privacy Policy: Ford Property Management will not sell or share any of your contact or personal information. You submit this application understanding that internet communications provides the possibility of interception by a third party or intruder. We have taken extra steps to provide a secure process to submit your application. If you are not comfortable submitting your information via internet communications, please come to our office at 500 West Main Street, Russellville Arkansas.

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